Thursday, May 13, 2010

Graduate Course Work

The following are the courses I participated in to recieve my Masters Degree.  For all of these academic semesters I was also required to maintain a caseload providing therapy services. 

Therapy Internships:
Fall 07-Spring 08: On Campus Counseling Center
Summer-Fall 08:  Offsite Church based Counseling Center
Winter 08-Spring 09: Offsite Drug and Alcohol Assessment/Treatment Center

COUN 5135 Adult Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
COUN 5445 Methods of Writing, Research, and Statistics
COUN 5115 Principles of Marital and Family Therapy
COUN 5315 Family Theory and Trends
COUN 5265 Human Development Over the Life Cycle

COUN 5225 Marriage and/or the Family
COUN 5250 Group Dynamics, Theories, and Techniques
COUN 5245 Marital Family Therapy

COUN 5240 Child and Adolescent Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
COUN 5335 Clinical Theory and Practice in Marriage and Family Therapy
COUN 5355 Human Sexuality
COUN 5155 Ethical and Professional Studies

COUN 5150 Integrating Theology and Therapy into a Systemic Orientation
COUN 5230 Parent Education and Family Therapy
COUN 5425 Interpersonal Relationships

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks for stopping by!

Allow me to introduce myself with a snapshot of what I have been doing the past 5 years...

Emily Robinson, MA, QMHP
(moving)  Lexington, KY
(current) Roanoke, VA
LPC License Eligible

MA, Marriage and Family Therapy/ Professional Counseling   5/2009
Johnson Bible College Knoxville, TN
3.6 GPA
BA, Double Major Counseling/ Biblical Studies                       5/2007
Johnson Bible College Knoxville, TN

WORK RELATED EXPERIENCE                          2/10-Current
Therapist- Roanoke County Preschools
Roanoke, VA
• Provide Assessments/Referrals for children in Roanoke Co. Preschools displaying social-emotional and social skills developmental needs. Available to assist families and teachers in establishing skills to better meet the needs of their children. Coordinate services with other providers when necessary.

Intensive In Home Services Counselor                          11/09-2/10
Roanoke, VA
• Provide Intensive In Home family and individual therapy to families with SED (severely emotionally distressed) children. Provide assessments, case management, coordinate services with other providers, complete/maintain Medicaid and agency related paperwork in a timely fashion.

Member Service Representative                                    3/08-10/09
Credit Union Knoxville, TN
• Responsible for maintaining a $20,000 cash drawer, handle phone calls and all customer inquires, responsible for maintaining proper closing procedures, and for tasks assigned from various departments

Graduate Intern                                                         11/08-04/09
Sevierville, TN
• Provide assessments, Individual therapy, “Intensive Outpatient”, Group therapy services for drug and alcohol clients referred from local probation centers, Treatment plans, Summaries, and Termination Reports to clinical supervisor.

MFT/PC Intern                                                            4/08-12/08
Knoxville, TN
• Co-facilitate Depression/ Anxiety Support Group. Provide individual therapy- Focus of issues on depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, relational issues, etc.

MFT/ PC Intern                                                             8/07-5/08
Knoxville, TN
• Provide individual therapy, attend both group and individual supervision for the purpose of case review and discussion. Complete/Maintain all paperwork efficiently.

• Certified-PREPARE/ENRICH premarital/marital counseling program.           4/09
• Use of- SASSI and ASI assessments with drug and alcohol clients.               1/09
• Certified- Brief Personal Survey/Interaction Styles Inventory.(BPS/ISP)        9/07

• ACA (American Counseling Association)                            Current
• HPSO Member                                                          5/07-Current

*Methods of Research and Statistics      *Human Development
*Group Dynamics                                  *Theories & Trends
*Marital Family Therapy                        *Human Sexuality
*Ethical/ Professional Studies                 *Interpersonal Relationships
*Adult & Child Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning